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Our Advantages

Innovative thoughts

Executive innovations have led HC Taiwan from the traditional machinery field up to high technology.

Active Sales Developments

HC Taiwan has a complete and strong sales system. Our current markets are all over the world which includes 5 continents. Currently, we are developing new target markets in other counties actively.

Professional and Efficient Manufacturing Process

Our employees’ professional knowledge about braiding machine and efficient assembly ability during manufacturing processes makes a speedy delivery to our customers.

Innovation of Investigation and Customization:Braiding

HC Taiwan has a professional Research Development team which has ability to produce customized machines for customers. We also acquire varieties of patents by innovating mechanical techniques which make HC Taiwan to become one of leading braiding machine suppliers in the world.


Our machines have CE certification and all of the spare parts of machines are made in Taiwan, MIT means quality.
Come to us! Just Braid, we back you up!

HC Taiwan- An Expertise Braiding Machine Manufacturer

Hsiang Chuan has been in the field of braiding machines for more than 40 years. By having an energetic and professional team in HC Taiwan, we produce and sell over 400 models of braiding machines. We insist on producing every part of machines by ourselves in order to keep high quality of machines. Braiding machines can be used in varieties of areas which interconnect with people’s daily life such as any kind of rope, tailoring, shoemaking, electrical wire and cable industry, fishing net industry… etc.